Michael Dale "Mike" Huckabee is an American politician, Christian minister, author, musician and commentator.

Governor Mike Huckabee

Politician, Former Governor of Arkansas (1996-2007)

Interviewed: 04-24-2017

A passion for wellness fuels Carlos Rivas.

Carlos Rivas

Director of Fitness and Wellness Operations, Proformance Fitness and Wellness

Interviewed: 04-23-2017

For 20 years, Mike Berry has been at the helm of the Kentucky Derby Festival (KDF), one of the nation’s largest and most notable civic celebrations.

Technology entrepreneur Stacy Griggs is a high energy executive with strong leadership skills.

Stacy Griggs

President/CEO, El Toro

Interviewed: 03-26-2017

Creativity, curiosity and discipline define Delanor Manson’s accomplishments across many fields.

Delanor Manson

Senior Healthcare Executive, Manson and Associates LLC, and Retired U.S. Navy Captain

Interviewed: 03-24-2017

Peng Looi followed his heart and became a world-class chef.

Chef Peng S. Looi

Partner/Executive Chef of Asiatique Restaurant and August Moon Chinese Bistro

Interviewed: 03-24-2017

The desire to serve her community and have a greater impact on more people fuels Theresa Reno-Weber to excel.

Theresa Reno-Weber

President and CEO, Metro United Way, and Lieutenant, U.S. Coast Guard

Interviewed: 03-24-2017

Tom Cottingham is a serial entrepreneur who builds successful publishing companies in the digital age.

Terry Forcht is a leading Kentucky entrepreneur and investor and the founder of Forcht Group of Kentucky.

Donald E. Lassere leads the Muhammad Ali Center and fosters its mission of building and expanding on the Center’s educational programs, partnerships, and other outreach initiatives.

Taylor Trusty loves building – be it business or digital properties.

Taylor Trusty

CEO, Blackstone Media, Digital Marketing Entrepreneur and Speaker

Interviewed: 11-20-2016

James O’Connor is a former professional soccer player and is head coach of Louisville City FC.

Coach James O'Connor

Head Coach, Louisville City FC (Football Club)

Interviewed: 11-20-2016

Amanda Duffy’s desire to break boundaries and her competitive spirit to succeed drive her every day.

Amanda Duffy

Past President, Louisville City FC (Football Club)

Interviewed: 10-14-2016

Ingrid Hernandez delivers high quality design while building personalized client relationships.

Sterling Lapinski is an entrepreneur and angel investor.

Sterling A. Lapinski

Co-Founder of Genscape & Founder, Clipperdata

Interviewed: 04-01-2016

Joey Wagner, Owner of the J Wagner Group, has been putting on some of the biggest events in the city of Louisville and the midwest region for the past 10 years. J. Wagner Group, a full-service event planning, marketing, and promotions firm, serves many well-known and high-end clients.

Joey Wagner

Owner & Event Planner, J Wagner Group &

Interviewed: 12-04-2015

Gale Lively always felt her job was to help people excel in their jobs.

Gale Lively

Executive V.P. (retired), Louisville Apartment Association

Interviewed: 12-04-2015

Ankur Gopal’s desire to make an impact has fueled his success building a technology application company.

Ankur Gopal

Founder & CEO, & a Google Glass Global Partner

Interviewed: 11-15-2015

A competitive spirit drives Chris Morris in his pursuit for excellence as a master distiller.

Chris Morris

Master Distiller, Brown-Forman Corporation

Interviewed: 11-15-2015

Since Lee W. Robinson was seven years old and constructing scale models, he has had a passion for design and building beautiful homes.

Lee W. Robinson

Owner, The Lee W. Robinson Company

Interviewed: 11-15-2015

Kevin Grangier is driven by his desire to create things that make people happy.

Kevin Grangier

Restauranteur, The Village Anchor & Le Moo’ Restaurants

Interviewed: 11-15-2015

Heather Howell’s desire to inspire her children and fear of failure power her in selecting her projects and in growing beverage brands.

Vickie Yates Brown brings passion to all of her projects – from shaping health care policy to the Nucleus project.

Michael Blowen’s fear of horses grew into a deep love for horses, and for saving their lives.

Michael Blowen

Founder and President, Old Friends Farm – A Thoroughbred Retirement Facility

Interviewed: 07-26-2015

Robin Miller grew up in a family active in politics and the community, spurring her to serve in the public sector.

A love for horticulture inspired Lee Squires in his career managing the 300-acre Cave Hill Cemetery in Louisville, Ky.

Lee Squires

President and CEO (Retired), Cave Hill Cemetery Co., Inc.

Interviewed: 03-27-2015

Diane Medley and her business partner founded their CPA firm to treat people in a way that they can achieve their dreams.

Fun and the challenge of creating a sense of wonderment drive Louisville-native Wayne Hettinger to create memorable events on a grand scale.

Wayne Hettinger

Producer and Originator, Thunder Over Louisville

Interviewed: 03-27-2015

Matt Jamie’s motto of “Slow. Small. Simple.” guides his company in producing high quality, bourbon-based sauces.

Matt Jamie

Founder and Owner, Bourbon Barrel Foods LLC and Bluegrass Soy Sauce Co., Ltd.

Interviewed: 03-27-2015

As the owner of Joseph’s Salon and Spa, Kelly Flint Campbell sees the growth of her staff and client relationships as her inspiration.

Kelli Campbell

President and Owner, Joseph’s Salon/ Spa

Interviewed: 03-06-2015

Elizabeth Kitzito sees her cookie business as a way to provide for her family here and in Uganda.

Elizabeth Kizito

Owner and Founder, Kizito’s Cookies

Interviewed: 12-12-2014

Summer Auerbach is committed to local independent businesses and leads Rainbow Blossom Natural Foods.

Jim Allen cites leadership by example as his style leading Hilliard Lyons.

Jim Allen

President and CEO, Hilliard Lyons

Interviewed: 10-10-2014

Matt Thornton cites his desire to win as the trait that drives him in his roles leading Thorntons and contributing to the community.

Matt Thornton

President and CEO, Thorntons Inc.

Interviewed: 10-10-2014

Tom Partridge thrives on helping businesses secure capital for projects that will have a positive impact on their communities.

Tom Partridge

President and CEO, Fifth Third Bank Kentucky

Interviewed: 10-10-2014

Tom Fawbush began in broadcasting as a teenager.

Tom Fawbush

WBNA TV 21 General Manager

Interviewed: 08-15-2014

Tim Laird loves interacting with people and sharing experiences with food and beverage.

Tim Laird

“C.E.O” Chief Entertainment Officer, Brown-Forman Corporation

Interviewed: 08-15-2014

Challenge motivates Ed Hart, and business turnarounds meet that need for him.

Ed Hart

President & Partner, Kentucky Kingdom

Interviewed: 04-11-2014

Dan Rivers sees each day as an opportunity to “do better” and make a contribution.

Dan Rivers

Managing Partner & President, Northwestern Mutual-Louisville

Interviewed: 04-11-2014

Ed Webb thrives on the challenges of business, change and growth.

Ed Webb

President and CEO, World Trade Center of Kentucky

Interviewed: 04-11-2014

Saul Garcia followed his dream of seeing people enjoying themselves while sharing a meal at his own restaurant.

Saul Garcia

Co-Founder & Owner of the Los Aztecas & Sol Azteca Mexican Restaurants

Interviewed: 10-11-2013

Mark Hogg seeks to end the global water crisis.

Mark Hogg

Waterstep Founder & CEO (Formerly EDGE Outreach)

Interviewed: 10-11-2013

Robert A. Davenport is passionate about helping his clients with their financial needs.

Robert Davenport

CEO, Kentucky Planning Partners & Founder, Louisville Concours d’ Elegance

Interviewed: 04-12-2013

Lynnie Meyer, a well-known civic leader and fundraising executive in Louisville, is fueled by her commitment to the community.

Sam Swope has had a historic 60 years in the automobile dealership business.

Sam Swope (1926-2014)

Founder & Chairman, Sam Swope Auto Group, LLC

Interviewed: 12-19-2012

David Easterling is a software entrepreneur engaged in a labor of love to bring back an iconic Louisville beer brand.

David Easterling

Past President & CEO, Falls City Brewing Co.

Interviewed: 12-02-2011

A consistent love for sports and entertainment drives Lynn Abramson-Saltzman in her career.

Lynn Abramson-Saltzman

Past General Manager/Exclusive Marketer of the KFC YUM! Center (2011-2013)

Interviewed: 05-20-2011

Over the years, Kent Oyler has started 19 different business ventures and created over 1,000 jobs.

Hal Heiner served as a vice chairman of Greater Louisville, Inc., and in 2002, he was elected to the Louisville Metro Council. On the Council, he spent eight years focusing on finding efficiencies in services, shedding light on the inner dealings of Metro Government, and finding smart ways for the community to grow and prosper.

Hal Heiner

Republican Louisville Mayoral Candidate

Interviewed: 07-23-2010

Louisville-born Greg Fischer is an entrepreneur and community leader. In 2008, Fischer ran for the Kentucky Democratic Primary for the U.S. Senate and finished second among the seven candidates.

Greg Fischer

Democratic Louisville Mayoral Candidate

Interviewed: 07-23-2010

Living with a core of gratitude and an attitude of caring and sharing, Bernard Trager founded and built Republic Bank, always with a heart to serve.

John Y. Brown, Jr. credits his father as the prime motivator and confidence builder in his life, driving his later successes.

John Y. Brown Jr.

1979-1983 Governor of Kentucky & Kentucky Fried Chicken Entrepreneur

Interviewed: 07-16-2010

David Jones Sr. co-founded Humana Inc. and considers the good job opportunities and chance for success that the company ultimately provided as his greatest achievement.

A native of Ireland, Dr. T. Pearse Lyons is driven by making a difference in the world, and has built his company, Alltech, based on doing the right thing.

Dr. T. Pearse Lyons

President & Founder, ALLTECH, Inc. And 2010 Title Sponsor, FEI World Equestrian Games (held Lexington, KY.)

Interviewed: 06-11-2010

Matt Bevin’ intellectual curiosity and love of learning have led him through several career opportunities in his lifetime.

A custom builder and remodeler, Joe Pusateri thrives on challenge and using his talents to the best of his ability.

Louisville-native and restaurateur Kent Taylor has a passion for the food industry and for skiing.

Kent Taylor

Founder, Texas Roadhouse & Aspen Creek Restaurant Chains

Interviewed: 08-14-2009

After watching a close family member go through a painful bankruptcy, Mark Lamkin decided to pursue his dream of becoming a financial planner and made a promise never to let bankruptcy impact someone in his life again.

Mark Lamkin

President, Lamkin Wealth Management & Former 2005 “The Apprentice” contestant

Interviewed: 12-05-2008

A core believer in the servant leadership model, Greg Fischer is a successful businessman and civic leader in Louisville, Ky.

Greg Fischer

Entrepreneur & 2008 U.S. Senate Democratic Candidate

Interviewed: 12-05-2008

Darryl Isaacs is a family man who learned his work ethic from his father.

Darryl Isaacs

Attorney, Isaacs & Isaacs (aka “The Heavy Hitter”)

Interviewed: 08-08-2008

Brenda Light's desire is to help women not only look and feel their best but to empower them as well.

Brenda Light

Former Owner, Light Touch Day Spa (1981-2009)

Interviewed: 05-30-2008

Jim King believes that success breeds success and that as he achieves more, he is able to do more things for more people.

Councilman Jim King (1951-2015)

Past President & CEO, King Southern Bank & 2008 Louisville Metro Council President

Interviewed: 05-30-2008

Dean Corbett is passionate about seeing people enjoy themselves.

Chef Dean Corbett

Proprietor & Chef of Jack’s, Equus, & Corbett’s Restaurants

Interviewed: 05-30-2008

Michael Dalby is passionate about business and believes a strong and growing economy lead to a strong community.

John Yarmuth has dedicated his life to public service so that he can make a difference for others.

Chris Thieneman is a competitor who loves to dream up new scenarios and strategies for success.

Chris Thieneman

President, Thieneman Real Estate, LLC

Interviewed: 12-05-2007

Jennifer Bielstein loves the art form and experience of live theatre and believes that it can change people’s lives.

Jennifer Bielstein

Past Managing Director of Actors Theatre of Louisville (2006-2016)

Interviewed: 12-05-2007

Steve Trager gets to make a positive impact every day in the lives of his associates and customers.

Glenn Hogan believes fear is a great motivator that will either paralyze you or drive you to success.

Glenn Hogan

Past President and CEO, Hogan Real Estate (1987-2016)

Interviewed: 09-26-2007

John Harralson loves to document how people interact at community events.

John Harralson

Former Owner and Past Editor, The Voice-Tribune (1987-2005)

Interviewed: 09-26-2007

Owsley Brown Frazier has dedicated his life and fortune to improve his hometown for future generations.

John Asher loves the sport of horse racing and is driven to make everything about Churchill Downs the best in the world.

John Asher

Vice President of Racing Communications, Churchill Downs

Interviewed: 05-24-2007

Maria Hampton is competitive by nature and has a strong passion for success.

Sandra Frazier starts each day thinking about how she can contribute something that will make a difference.

Barbara Day draws her inspiration from being told as a little girl that she wouldn’t amount to much.

Barbara Day

Radio Host & Past Publisher, Kentuckiana Health Fitness & Healthy Woman Magazines (1997-2010)

Interviewed: 05-24-2007

For Chuck Denny, continuous self-improvement is a driving force that motivates him every day.

Deepak Tiwari lives by the motto: wish, will, and determination is the law of success.

Deepak “D.T.” Tiwari

Indian-Born American Entrepreneur

Interviewed: 03-07-2007

Tyler Allen began life with a great foundation and believes that he has a responsibility to give back to the community.

Steve Higdon orients his life and career around his family, striving to be the best husband and father he can be.

Bill Weyland loves finding creative ways to solve big challenges.

Bill Samuels, Jr., is wired to achieve and seeks opportunities that have a beginning, end, and outcome.

Ed Manassah is motivated to succeed when he encounters a challenging issue.

Jim Host loves Kentucky and he believes it has more potential than any other state in the country.

Jim Host

Former Kentucky Commerce Secretary & Founder of Host Communications

Interviewed: 09-27-2006

Growing up in Kansas, Steve Sexton learned a lot about the importance of a strong work ethic and goal setting.

Steve Sexton (1959-2016)

Past President, Churchill Downs (2002-2009)

Interviewed: 09-27-2006

Joe Regan is motivated by seeing lives changed through improved education and expanded employment opportunities.

Jonathan Blue loves finding new opportunities and growing them into successful enterprises.

Jonathan Blue

Founder, Blue Equity, LLC

Interviewed: 05-24-2006

Making a difference is what drives Jack Guthrie.

Jack Guthrie

Founder, Guthrie-Mayes Public Relations

Interviewed: 03-30-2006

Craig Greenberg has a passion to make Louisville a better community.

Craig Greenberg

Attorney, Frost Brown Todd

Interviewed: 03-30-2006

Debbie Scoppechio is the founder of Kentucky’s largest advertising agency.

Stan Curtis wants to inspire and empower people to help those who can’t help themselves.