Macrae is the 15th Head of School for Louisville Collegiate School & has spent over 35 yrs. working in independent school leadership!

Dr. Robert P. Macrae

15th Head of School-Louisville Collegiate School

Interviewed: 10-20-2023

American actress, model, philanthropist/socialite. Best known with twin Priscilla as 1 of 1970's Doublemint Twins. Co-hosts annual Barnstable Brown Gala-high-profile charity event in Louisville, during KY. Derby weekend-renowned for its celebrity guests raising millions in diabetes research.

Born in Pakistan & raised in Southern California, & after only 9 months as Metro United Way's Dir. of Major & Legacy Gifts, she rose to this position!

Impassioned after surviving a Sept. 6, 2018, mass shooting in Cincinnati, OH., Whitney cofounded Whitney/Strong-a non-profit focused on responsible gun ownership & ending gun violence by taking a non-partisan approach to legislation, with her husband, Waller.

A veteran with an Entrepreneur's heart. Jeremy founded the Veteran’s Club & has assisted countless veterans with their nationally recognized Equine Therapy Program, Career Transition, Family Outreach Program, & the Camp Restoration Community to house & heal homeless veterans.

Di's personal goals have been to champion small business ownership & success by working to remove the obstacles that keep people from achieving the "American Dream."

Di Tran

Serial Entrepreneur, Computer Engineer, Mentor and Vietnamese Immigrant

Interviewed: 01-24-2020

He talks about his Sept. 2018 major stroke, & how it taught him Attitude is Everything-no matter what your challenge you need to believe with all your heart & soul you can overcome it. So many people come to their adversity already defeated. I took my recovery 1 day at a time & always had daily goals.

Take Me Home is a not for profit, volunteer-based foundation that has been saving the lives of homeless animals since 2001.

Marcia leads the Lean strategy for the business focusing on delivering winning products and services for customers and consumers while minimizing waste throughout ALL functions.

Marcia Brey

Vice President of Distribution at GE Appliances, A Haier Company

Interviewed: 08-23-2019

Josh celebrates the brilliance & strength of marginalized people including LGBTQ+ & Black communities through photography & collaborative storytelling.

She collects, curates exhibitions, writes, lectures, & appraises fine quilts. Zegart has curated many exhibits in the U.S. & abroad, & lectures on all aspects of quilt history & aesthetics.

Today the Healing Place campus is expanding & has several thousand alumni with a 75% recovery rate.

Prior to Dick’s philanthropic efforts, he served in the Vietnam War as a combat photographer & graduated from the University of Louisville.

Today the Healing Place campus is expanding & has several thousand alumni with a 75% recovery rate.

Learn how Cynthia overcame crushing grief & how a Motown co-founder inspired the creation of Solid Light.

Cynthia Torp

President/Owner, Solid Light, Inc. (A 100% Woman-Owned Business)

Interviewed: 11-05-2017

Lukas Dwelly is a social entrepreneur who has worked with some of the largest organizations in our community.

With Maryhurst more than 43 years, Judy is nationally recognized for her work with children who are survivors of abuse & neglect. Since 1990, she has served as Pres. & CEO of Maryhurst, a nonprofit dedicated to ending the cycle of abuse for kids & families in KY.

Judy Lambeth

Former President and CEO, MaryHurst, Inc. (Nonprofit dedicated to ending the cycle of abuse for KY. kids & families) (1990-2020)

Interviewed: 11-03-2017

Summer Dickerson shares her escape from human trafficking and founded Esther’s House.

Summer Dickerson

Founder, Women of the Well Ministry

Interviewed: 11-03-2017

How Amy Leenerts overcame childhood sexual abuse to train the public to recognize and prevent human trafficking.

Amy Leenerts

Founder/Director of

Interviewed: 11-03-2017

Her hand print & influence has been instrumental for decades in the “Behind-the-Scenes” work as a consultant or volunteer on such notable Louisville festivals as the Ethnic Heritage weekends in the 1970’s under her company’s banner Visionworks, LLC.

A passion for life drives Kinsey Morrison to make a difference.

For 20 years, Mike Berry has been at the helm of the Kentucky Derby Festival (KDF), one of the nation’s largest and most notable civic celebrations.

The desire to serve her community and have a greater impact on more people fuels Theresa Reno-Weber to excel.

Theresa Reno-Weber

Past President/CEO, Metro United Way, (2017-2021)

Interviewed: 03-24-2017

Abby Drane leads Uspiritus, whose mission is healing the hearts and minds of vulnerable youth and their families.

Ian Derrer leads the Kentucky Opera, fueled by a lifelong love of opera.

Ian Derrer

former-General Director, Kentucky Opera

Interviewed: 12-02-2016

Donald E. Lassere leads the Muhammad Ali Center and fosters its mission of building and expanding on the Center’s educational programs, partnerships, and other outreach initiatives.

Conrad Bachmann’s career spans four decades and hundreds of roles.

Conrad Bachmann

Founder, Louisville International Festival of Films, and Hollywood Actor

Interviewed: 10-14-2016

When Nina Moseley talks about her work helping those in poverty, her eyes light up with hope and her enthusiasm fills the room.

Nina Moseley

Chief Operating Officer​, Wayside Christian Mission

Interviewed: 04-01-2016

Rebecca Eaves saves and protects animals suffering from abuse and neglect.

Rebecca Eaves

Past President-(2013-2019), The Arrow Fund (Animal Welfare Organization)

Interviewed: 04-01-2016

Driven by conscience and seeing challenges as possibilities drive Jackie Ford as she leads the Girl Scouts of Kentuckiana.

Jackie Ford

Former CEO, Girl Scouts of Kentuckiana (2015-2020)

Interviewed: 10-23-2015

Emily Cleveland has a passion for helping children see past disability through friendship.

Emily Cleveland​

Former-Kentucky State Director, Best Buddies International-(2015-2018)

Interviewed: 10-23-2015

Karen Morrison sees her job as president and CEO of Gilda’s Club as winning the job lottery.

Pam Darnall focuses her professional life on helping children and families facing abuse and violence.

Pam Darnall

President and CEO, Family & Children’s Place

Interviewed: 01-30-2015

A commitment to environmental responsibility as a principle of her faith powers everything Heather Warman does.

Jennifer Adrio desires to do meaningful work and make a positive impact on her community.

Mark Hogg seeks to end the global water crisis.

Mark Hogg

Waterstep Founder & CEO (Formerly EDGE Outreach)

Interviewed: 10-11-2013

The mantra “You are pure potential,” from his improv mentor, Dr. Martin de Maat, motivates Chris Hartman in his work against discrimination.

Troy Burden taps his inner drive to help others as the executive director of Highlands Community Ministries.

Troy D. Burden

Executive Director, Highland Community Ministries

Interviewed: 12-07-2012

Driven by the opportunity to make a difference, DeeAnna Esslinger leads the local chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association.

Deeanna Esslinger

Former Exec. Dir. of Greater Kentucky & Southern Indiana Alzheimer’s Association

Interviewed: 12-02-2011

Lora Tucker loves leadership responsibility – and making a difference – and has used that love from childhood through her military career and as CEO of the Girl Scouts of Kentuckiana.

Ramona Johnson is driven by the desire to help those with mental illness.

A Louisville native and self-proclaimed life-long student, Dan Jones has a vision for the future Louisville landscape. And his vision is coming to life.

Driven by a desire to give back drives Cathe Dykstra to lead the Family Scholar House and help families thrive.

Dr. Wayne Creighton prides himself in helping those trapped in addiction regain hope and reclaim their lives.

Dr. Wayne Creighton (1958-2022)

President & CEO, Interlink Counseling Services (1958-2022)

Interviewed: 08-08-2008

Denise Vasquez Troutman is passionate about her work and believes there is still so much to do.

Denise Vasquez Troutman

Past President & CEO, Center for Women & Families (2006-2011)

Interviewed: 12-05-2007

Terry Blackwell has devoted her life to helping people realize their potential and inner abilities.

Brian Quail is passionate about the work and mission of the American Red Cross.

Brian Quail

Past CEO, Louisville Area Chapter of the American Red Cross (2003-2009)

Interviewed: 12-05-2007

Christine Johnson likes to make things happen and connect people who see opportunities to move things forward.

Ben Richmond fills a responsibility to steward his parent’s work in the civil rights movement and to further the principles and values taught by Dr. Martin Luther King.