Tosca is a South African-Canadian filmmaker, producer, & director. She is the younger sister of entrepreneurs Elon & Kimbal Musk

Tosca Musk

South African-Canadian Filmmaker, Producer & Director

Interviewed: 05-06-2023

Ingram has enjoyed a highly successful career, which includes a Heisman Trophy win in college & multiple NFL Pro Bowls.

Mark Ingram II

American (NFL)-professional football player

Interviewed: 05-06-2023

A prominent figure in American TV & became synonymous with ABC's reality dating show "The Bachelor", when he started hosting on its 2002 debut & its subsequent spin-offs to become the face of the entire franchise, hosting "The Bachelorette," "Bachelor in Paradise," "Bachelor Winter Games,"

Chris Harrison

American TV Personality-The Bachelor

Interviewed: 05-06-2023

An American former professional basketball player, & team member of winning 2013 NCAA Championship Univ. of Louisville team. After Retiring, he became a sports analyst for ESPN & ACC Network

Luke Hancock

Frmr. Pro Basketball Player/Sports Analyst

Interviewed: 05-06-2023

American Sportswriter, Pundit, & TV Analyst primarily covering the National Football League (NFL).

Ian Rapoport

American Journalist/Sportswriter & NFL Network TV Analyst

Interviewed: 05-06-2023

Mrs. Eden Bridgeman Sklenar is owner, Chairwoman, & CEO of EBONY & JET & Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of Manna Inc

Eden Bridgeman

Owner/CEO-Ebony Media

Interviewed: 05-06-2023

Star is an American lawyer, journalist, TV personality, fashion designer, author, & women's & diversity advocate.

Star Jones

American lawyer, journalist, celebrity TV personality, fashion designer, author, & women’s & diversity advocate

Interviewed: 05-06-2023

She became a Champ on Hollywood’s 1st “Reality” TV show—American Gladiators! PLUS, her extraordinary passion for Wizard of Oz memorabilia, now boasts over 3,500 Oz items in her collection—perhaps the world’s most significant, & was a premiere exhibit at Judy Garland's Museum for 5 years!

Cheryl Ann Silich

Former American Gladiator Champion

Interviewed: 03-31-2023

Graham Elliot an award-winning chef, restaurateur, television personality & cookbook author. “Food to me, in one word, is ‘creativity’ or ‘expression.’ It’s simple, ‘This is who I am at this point in time, & this is what I want to cook for you.”

Graham Elliot

Chef, restauranteur, television personality and cookbook author- Bourbon & Beyond

Interviewed: 09-21-2019

Learn the story behind how Terry laid the foundation to his now legendary 1985 move to WHAS-Radio.

Terry Meiners

Louisville’s Legendary Broadcasting Icon & WHAS Radio & WHAS-TV Personality

Interviewed: 08-24-2018

Learn the underpinnings of why Kirt walked away from a commercial real estate career, and is now solely focused on finding the humanity behind some of today’s most inspiring individuals.

Learn why called him the “reigning intellectual of the evangelical movement in the U.S.”

Dr. R. Albert Mohler, Jr.

President, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

Interviewed: 12-10-2017

CNN chief national correspondent, analyst and anchor of Inside Politics John King offers his thoughts and insights on the increasing polarization of the US electorate.

John King

CNN Chief National Correspondent, Analyst & Anchor of Inside Politics

Interviewed: 09-27-2017

Emily Dreyfuss is a Senior Writer at WIRED, one of the top 10 technology news websites in the world.

Michael Dale "Mike" Huckabee is an American politician, Christian minister, author, musician and commentator.

Governor Mike Huckabee

Politician, Former Governor of Arkansas (1996-2007)

Interviewed: 04-24-2017

For 20 years, Mike Berry has been at the helm of the Kentucky Derby Festival (KDF), one of the nation’s largest and most notable civic celebrations.

Tom Cottingham is a serial entrepreneur who builds successful publishing companies in the digital age.

Katie George sees her daily challenge to make herself and others better.

Katie George

Sportscaster & 2015 Miss Kentucky USA

Interviewed: 07-26-2015

Tom Fawbush began in broadcasting as a teenager.

Tom Fawbush

WBNA TV 21 General Manager

Interviewed: 08-15-2014

Dawne Gee grew up dreaming of working in communications.

Berk Bryant is fueled by a desire to bring bluegrass and traditional country music to the world to enjoy.

Berk Bryant (1930-2020)

“The Country Gentleman” Bluegrass Radio DJ

Interviewed: 03-25-2011

John Asher loves the sport of horse racing and is driven to make everything about Churchill Downs the best in the world.

John Asher (1955-2018)

Former-Vice President of Racing Communications, Churchill Downs (1999-2018)

Interviewed: 05-24-2007

Barbara Day draws her inspiration from being told as a little girl that she wouldn’t amount to much.

Barbara Day

Radio Host & Past Publisher, Kentuckiana Health Fitness & Healthy Woman Magazines (1997-2010)

Interviewed: 05-24-2007

Francene Cucinello will ALWAYS be remembered for loving to get people talking and challenge them to think.

Francene (1964-2010)

Former-Talk Show Host, 84 WHAS (2003-2010)

Interviewed: 09-27-2006

Billy Reed believes in the power of the written word and its ability to influence people and events.

Billy Reed (1943-2022)

Nationally Renowned Sportswriter & Author

Interviewed: 05-24-2006

Jonathan Blue loves finding new opportunities and growing them into successful enterprises.

Jonathan Blue

Founder, Blue Equity, LLC

Interviewed: 05-24-2006