Michael Dale "Mike" Huckabee is an American politician, Christian minister, author, musician and commentator.

Governor Mike Huckabee

Politician, Former Governor of Arkansas (1996-2007)

Interviewed: 04-24-2017

For 20 years, Mike Berry has been at the helm of the Kentucky Derby Festival (KDF), one of the nation’s largest and most notable civic celebrations.

Tom Cottingham is a serial entrepreneur who builds successful publishing companies in the digital age.

Dawne Gee grew up dreaming of working in communications.

John Asher loves the sport of horse racing and is driven to make everything about Churchill Downs the best in the world.

John Asher

Vice President of Racing Communications, Churchill Downs

Interviewed: 05-24-2007

Barbara Day draws her inspiration from being told as a little girl that she wouldn’t amount to much.

Barbara Day

Radio Host & Past Publisher, Kentuckiana Health Fitness & Healthy Woman Magazines (1997-2010)

Interviewed: 05-24-2007