When she became Louisville Metro Police Dept. chief, she became the 1st PERMANENT female African-American police chief in KY. history!

Chief Jackie Gwinn-Villaroel

Police Chief of Louisville Metro Police Deptartment

Interviewed: 02-23-2024

Morgan McGarvey has dedicated his life to public service to make a difference for others, by becoming U.S. House of Representatives, for Kentucky's 3rd Dist.

Morgan McGarvey

U.S. House of Representatives, Kentucky 3rd District

Interviewed: 05-06-2023

Graduated magna cum laude from Vanderbilt Univ. & earned a Juris Doctor @ Univ. of Virginia School of Law. In 2016, he became KY.'s 50th Attny. Genl., & in 2019, became KY.'s 63rd Governor & is son of 61st KY. Governor & our 292nd guest-Gov. Steven Beshear

KY. Governor Andy Beshear

63rd Governor-Commonwealth of KY. (2019-2027)

Interviewed: 05-06-2023

Star is an American lawyer, journalist, TV personality, fashion designer, author, & women's & diversity advocate.

Star Jones

American lawyer, journalist, celebrity TV personality, fashion designer, author, & women’s & diversity advocate

Interviewed: 05-06-2023

Craig is a proud Louisvillian, husband, father, entrepreneur, & community leader who believes in thinking big, working hard, and making things happen.

Craig Greenberg

Louisville Metro Mayor-(2022-???)

Interviewed: 08-22-2022

Tom was instrumental in having a marker dedicated to Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech at the Lincoln memorial.  He also advanced a similar resolution naming Thomas Merton Square in Louisville where Merton had his famous epiphany.

Diagnosed, WEEKS before her daughter’s 1st birthday, with a rare blood cancer called Blastic Plasmacytoid Dendritic Cell Neoplasm, (BPDCN)-an acute form of Leukemia. This disease is SO RARE & SO AGGRESSIVE; the survival rate is very low! Listen to her story of courage!

Prior to serving as KY.’s 61st Governor overseeing a$10 billion enterprise 30,000+ employees, Steve served as Attny. Genl. from 1979-83 & LT. Gov. from 1983-87, as well as a KY. House of Reps from 1973-79. In 1987, before his 1st term as Governor in 2007, he joined Stites & Harbison law firm & supervised their Lexington, KY. office.

David Nicholson learned the importance of community involvement from his late father, Jefferson County Circuit Court Judge S. Rush Nicholson.

David Nicholson

Circuit Court Clerk, Jefferson County, Kentucky

Interviewed: 10-23-2015

Judge Erica Lee Williams sees discipline and community service as core values grounding her career.

Judge Erica Lee Williams

District Court Judge, 30th Judicial District in Division 17

Interviewed: 12-12-2014

Angela McCormick Bisig is a Jefferson County district court judge who is driven to get out into the community and make a difference.

Angela McCormick Bisig

Kentucky Supreme Court Justice

Interviewed: 10-28-2011

As in-house counsel and corporate attorney for GE Consumer and Industrial, India Jewell serves on the employee community fund board at GE, supplying grants to non-profit service organizations.

India Jewell

Past GE Consumer & Industrial’s Counsel for Commercial Law (2006-2010)

Interviewed: 08-14-2009

Louisville Metro Council president David Tandy is fueled by the desire to serve his community and to leave it a better place for his children.

David Tandy

Past Louisville Metro Councilman (2005-2017) & 2009 Louisville Metro Council President

Interviewed: 07-24-2009

Darryl Isaacs is a family man who learned his work ethic from his father.

Darryl Isaacs

Attorney, Isaacs & Isaacs (aka “The Heavy Hitter”)

Interviewed: 08-08-2008

Ed Glasscock is motivated by three main priorities, love of family, dedication to clients, and commitment to the community.

Jack Conway rejects complacency and is driven to move forward and accomplish his next goal in life.

Jack Conway

Former Attorney General for the Commonwealth of Kentucky (2008-2016)

Interviewed: 03-21-2008

Teddy Gordon loves a good fight, especially where the underdog is denied fair access and equal opportunity.

Teddy B. Gordon

Attorney, Meredith vs. Jefferson County Board of Education

Interviewed: 09-26-2007

Craig Greenberg has a passion to make Louisville a better community.

Craig Greenberg

Louisville Metro Mayor (2023-???)

Interviewed: 03-30-2006

J. Bruce Miller pursues excellence in everything he does.

J. Bruce Miller

J. Bruce Miller Group & Author “Airball”

Interviewed: 03-30-2006

From an early age, Trey Grayson has been motivated to serve his community.

Trey Grayson

Past Kentucky Secretary of State (2004-2011)

Interviewed: 01-20-2006

David Armstrong is an achiever who looks to maximize everything he can do in a day.

David L. Armstrong (1941-2017)

Former Mayor of Louisville (1999-2003)

Interviewed: 10-20-2005