Dr. Parsley holds Bd. Certifications from American Bd. of Dermatology, Dermatopathology, of Hair Restoration Surgery AND holds his ACLA certification.

Dr. William 'Bill' M. Parsley

Dermatologist & Founder of the Parsley Waldman Hair Center

Prior to serving as KY.’s 61st Governor overseeing a $10 billion enterprise with over 30,000 employees, Steve served as Attorny Genl. from 1979-83 & LT. Gov. from 1983-87, as well as a KY. House of Reps from 1973-79. In 1987, prior to his 1st term as Governor in 2007, he joined the Stites & Harbison law firm & supervised the firm’s Lexington, KY. office.

In 2015, Patrick was chosen to lead the esteemed KY. Derby Museum, replacing Lynn Ashton who previously served 20 years in that role. Since taking the lead at the museum, Armstrong & his “KDM” staff have increased revenue by 22%, along with an annual attendance increase of over 12.6% in the 2016 fiscal year & 5.6% in the 2017 fiscal year.

Patrick Armstrong

President/CEO, Kentucky Derby Museum