Community Outreach

For Mary Haynes, meeting the needs of long-term memory impaired people is a calling.

Mary Haynes

President and CEO, Nazareth Home

Interviewed: 07-28-2017

For 20 years, Mike Berry has been at the helm of the Kentucky Derby Festival (KDF), one of the nation’s largest and most notable civic celebrations.

Abby Drane leads Uspiritus, whose mission is healing the hearts and minds of vulnerable youth and their families.

Ian Derrer leads the Kentucky Opera, fueled by a lifelong love of opera.

Ian Derrer

General Director, Kentucky Opera

Interviewed: 12-02-2016

Donald E. Lassere leads the Muhammad Ali Center and fosters its mission of building and expanding on the Center’s educational programs, partnerships, and other outreach initiatives.

When Nina Moseley talks about her work helping those in poverty, her eyes light up with hope and her enthusiasm fills the room.

Nina Moseley

Chief Operating Officer​, Wayside Christian Mission

Interviewed: 04-01-2016

Mitzi Friedlander has spent much of her career bringing stories to life for the blind. After 50 years of recording books, Friedlander holds the record for most talking book titles narrated for the National Library Service.

Rebecca Eaves saves and protects animals suffering from abuse and neglect.

Rebecca Eaves

President, The Arrow Fund (Animal Welfare Organization)

Interviewed: 04-01-2016

Barry Denton is passionate about his hometown of Louisville.

Gale Lively always felt her job was to help people excel in their jobs.

Gale Lively

Executive V.P. (retired), Louisville Apartment Association

Interviewed: 12-04-2015

Driven by conscience and seeing challenges as possibilities drive Jackie Ford as she leads the Girl Scouts of Kentuckiana.

Jackie Ford

CEO, Girl Scouts of Kentuckiana

Interviewed: 10-23-2015

Emily Cleveland has a passion for helping children see past disability through friendship.

Emily Cleveland​

Kentucky State Director, Best Buddies International

Interviewed: 10-23-2015

Love for family drives both Patrick John Hughes and his son, Patrick Henry Hughes, to expand possibilities.

Patrick John Hughes

Inspirational Father and Son Leadership Story

Interviewed: 08-21-2015

Love for family drives both Patrick John Hughes and his son, Patrick Henry Hughes, to expand possibilities.

Patrick Henry Hughes

Inspirational Father and Son Leadership Story

Interviewed: 08-21-2015

Terri Foster knew from a young age she had musical gifts, and now seeks to use her gifts to help other young people develop theirs.

The 1993 tragic murder of their daughter, Mary, thrust Pat Byron and her husband, John, into advocacy work for domestic violence victims.

Fun and the challenge of creating a sense of wonderment drive Louisville-native Wayne Hettinger to create memorable events on a grand scale.

Wayne Hettinger

Producer and Originator, Thunder Over Louisville

Interviewed: 03-27-2015

Major General (retired) Robert S. Silverthorn Jr. credits growing up in a military family as his inspiration and drive to achieve excellence.

Terry Taylor’s drive to bring peace to communities, through understanding each other’s differences, powers his work.

Terry Taylor

Executive Director (Retired), Interfaith Paths to Peace (IPP)

Interviewed: 03-06-2015

Karen Morrison sees her job as president and CEO of Gilda’s Club as winning the job lottery.

Pam Darnall focuses her professional life on helping children and families facing abuse and violence.

Pam Darnall

President and CEO, Family & Children’s Place

Interviewed: 01-30-2015

A commitment to environmental responsibility as a principle of her faith powers everything Heather Warman does.

Summer Auerbach is committed to local independent businesses and leads Rainbow Blossom Natural Foods.

Dawne Gee grew up dreaming of working in communications.

Jennifer Adrio desires to do meaningful work and make a positive impact on her community.

Mark Hogg seeks to end the global water crisis.

Mark Hogg

Waterstep Founder & CEO (Formerly EDGE Outreach)

Interviewed: 10-11-2013

The mantra “You are pure potential,” from his improv mentor, Dr. Martin de Maat, motivates Chris Hartman in his work against discrimination.

Chris Hartman

Founder & Director of the Fairness Campaign

Interviewed: 04-12-2013

Gill Holland’s curiosity has led to careers as an independent film producer, building developer, and former lawyer.

Lynnie Meyer, a well-known civic leader and fundraising executive in Louisville, is fueled by her commitment to the community.

Troy Burden taps his inner drive to help others as the executive director of Highlands Community Ministries.

Troy D. Burden

Executive Director, Highland Community Ministries

Interviewed: 12-07-2012

Lora Tucker loves leadership responsibility – and making a difference – and has used that love from childhood through her military career and as CEO of the Girl Scouts of Kentuckiana.

Lora Tucker

Past CEO, Girl Scouts of Kentuckiana

Interviewed: 12-02-2011

Gerald Neal credits his parents’ commitment to the community as laying the foundation for his career in politics.

KY. State Senator Gerald Neal

Commonwealth of Kentucky Senate District 33 (1989-present)

Interviewed: 10-28-2011

Over the years, Kent Oyler has started 19 different business ventures and created over 1,000 jobs.

Madeline Abramson served as Louisville’s first lady for 21 years and is a tireless community volunteer.

Jackie Green, write-in candidate for mayor of Louisville, focuses on the local economy, central neighborhoods, education, energy, quality affordable housing, local food, safety, health, downtown, and transportation.

Jackie Green

Independent Louisville Mayoral Candidate

Interviewed: 07-23-2010

Living with a core of gratitude and an attitude of caring and sharing, Bernard Trager founded and built Republic Bank, always with a heart to serve.

A Louisville native and self-proclaimed life-long student, Dan Jones has a vision for the future Louisville landscape. And his vision is coming to life.

A custom builder and remodeler, Joe Pusateri thrives on challenge and using his talents to the best of his ability.

Driven by a desire to give back drives Cathe Dykstra to lead the Family Scholar House and help families thrive.

A driving curiosity about the world and the desire to be “a part of the solution” drive Denton Randall each day.

Denton Randall

Chief Development Officer, ElderServe

Interviewed: 10-17-2008

Dr. Wayne Creighton prides himself in helping those trapped in addiction regain hope and reclaim their lives.

Dr. Wayne Creighton

President & CEO, Interlink Counseling Services

Interviewed: 08-08-2008

Michael Dalby is passionate about business and believes a strong and growing economy lead to a strong community.

John Yarmuth has dedicated his life to public service so that he can make a difference for others.

Ed Glasscock is motivated by three main priorities, love of family, dedication to clients, and commitment to the community.

Dr. Kevin Cosby is driven to see people grow and see their mind, life, and relationships transformed.

Denise Vasquez Troutman is passionate about her work and believes there is still so much to do.

Denise Vasquez Troutman

Past President & CEO, Center for Women & Families (2006-2011)

Interviewed: 12-05-2007

Steve Trager gets to make a positive impact every day in the lives of his associates and customers.

Dr. James Ramsey has a passion for public service and a vision for education and economic growth in Kentucky.

Owsley Brown Frazier has dedicated his life and fortune to improve his hometown for future generations.

Christine Johnson likes to make things happen and connect people who see opportunities to move things forward.

Maria Hampton is competitive by nature and has a strong passion for success.

Sandra Frazier starts each day thinking about how she can contribute something that will make a difference.

Cynthia Knapek has a tremendous amount of civic pride in her hometown of Louisville and loves doing work that will impact and improve her community.

For Chuck Denny, continuous self-improvement is a driving force that motivates him every day.

Steve Higdon orients his life and career around his family, striving to be the best husband and father he can be.

Heather French Henry is inspired by hard work and dedication and believes that everyone can choose to make a difference with the time they have.

Joe Regan is motivated by seeing lives changed through improved education and expanded employment opportunities.

Raoul Cunningham has always been passionate about equality and making our system work.

Rebecca Jackson was the first woman ever elected Jefferson County, Ky. judge executive, the county’s highest ranking elected official.

Rebecca Jackson

CEO, Crusade for Children & Former Jefferson County Judge Executive (1998-2002)

Interviewed: 03-30-2006

Christopher 2X is driven by the plight of the poor and wants to help them transform their mindset.