Kirt, Thank you for the opportunity to spend time with you on MoxieTalk. The Death Care Industry & Cave Hill Cemetery is not only my career, it is my passion! I had the greatest time with you & your crew behind the scenes & what an HONOR for Cave Hill to be featured!

Gwen Mooney

President and CEO, Cave Hill Cemetery Co., Inc.

An awesome platform as I began my journey as Pres. /CEO in the 100th Anniv. Yr.  Kirt is a master at weaving together personal & professional questions in a seamless flow of relaxed conversation truly reflecting who I was at that moment, & how I got there. I would encourage anyone with a story to share to join him for conversation.” 

Theresa Reno-Weber

Past President/CEO, Metro United Way, (2017-2021)

"This is incredible. You and your team nailed my origin story.Thank you so much!"

Tawanda Chitapa

Zimbabwean Immigrant & American Healthcare I.T. Expert, Mentor, and Soccer Fanatic

YAY!!! This is awesome, Kirt! I watched the whole MoxieTalk, & you & your team did a great job.  I can't wait to share it! Thanks again for the opportunity to tell my origin story!"

Cara Silletto

MBA, CSP-Author and Founder/Chief Retention Officer of Magnet Culture

"The depth of this MoxieTalk was second to none! Kirt does a phenomenal job asking valuable questions.  As someone who HEAVILY encourages transparency, you'll see that from me in this MoxieTalk."

Jeremy Harrell

Founder/CEO of The Veteran’s Club-a non-profit veteran service organization

I had a very good time at Bourbon & Beyond chatting with Kirt Jacobs on MoxieTalk with Kirt Jacobs! We get into some deep conversations! Bourbon & Beyond was just amazing!

C.J. Lewandowski

Founder & Bluegrass Musician- Po’ Ramblin Boys- Bourbon & Beyond

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Joyce Nethery

Co-Owner & Master Distiller- Jeptha Creed Distillery- Bourbon & Beyond

"You know it's a great MoxieTalk when you feel at home while you're doing it. I had a great time talking with Kirt on MoxieTalk, & I hope to get the chance again in the future."

Noah Guthrie

Country Music Artist-Hometown Rising

"Hey man! Thank you again for having us on! We had a blast getting to hang with you at the Hometown Rising Music Festival. Hope to see you out there when things get moving again!”


Country Music Artists-Hometown Rising

"Appreciate you keeping in all of the little things that made it well-rounded, with your questions that brought out the truth & made me think! Thank you again for your generosity & for the service you do for our community!"

Jill Baker

A Visual Artist & Writer & owner of Jill Baker’s Artist’s Studio

"Kirt did an excellent job on the interview. His questions made me reflect on what it takes to be successful, and how I can pass that knowledge on to others.”

Terry Forcht

Founder, Chairman and CEO, Forcht Group of Kentucky

"Kirt, can't thank you enough for the wonderful interview! Kirt, you're a gentleman and a scholar."

Chris Fabritz

aka “Mankini” Character-Louder Than Life

"Hadn't seen this MoxieTalk from Bourbon & Beyond Music & Food Festival until just now. Right on. Thanks, MoxieTalk with Kirt Jacobs for the rad chat. That was fun."


California Country Music Artist-Bourbon & Beyond

"Thank you for giving me a platform to share the phenomenal work the American Red Cross does in our community & a few of my life lessons learned both professionally & personally during my time at GE Appliances, a Haier Co."

Marcia Brey

Executive Director of Lean Enterprise for GE Appliances, A Haier Company

"Kirt asks the probing questions that reveal the depth & complexity of each leader he interviews. What a gift it was to spend time with Kirt.”

Steve Cunanan

CEO for the Kentuckiana Region of the American Red Cross

"Kirt, your show will have a long-lasting impact on the community & the family of your interviewee. Thank you for having me."

Di Tran

Di Tran-Serial Entrepreneur, Computer Engineer, Mentor, and Vietnamese Immigrant

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Josh Miller

Co-Founder + CEO of IDEAS xLab

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Lee Pennington

Poet and Documentarian

"Kirt never put pressure on me to answer questions in a certain way & asked very interesting questions. I enjoyed him personally & think he does an excellent job making his guests feel welcome."

Corky Taylor

Chairman & Founder of Kentucky Peerless Distilling Company

"Working with Kirt was an amazing experience that felt like it was as much for me as it was for the audience. It was one of the first times that someone took an interest in me as a person more so than me as a distiller."

Caleb Kilburn

Head Distiller, Kentucky Peerless Distilling Co.

"You really made me think!" 

Shelly Zegart

Founder of Cultural Non-Profits

"Kirt, you do a great job putting people at ease and getting them to open up. You even handled the emotional topic of the passing of my son with grace and professionalism, allowing me to share that part of my world. Thank you.”

Shawn Herbig

President/Founder of IQS Research

"BTW, you did a great job with that interview. Your questions were terrific and the production was top notch. Thanks so much.…”

Terry Meiners

Louisville’s Legendary Broadcasting Icon & WHAS Radio & WHAS-TV Personality

"Wow! You did a great job, thank you so much!!!"

Trisha Gallagher, Ed.D.

Administrative Specialist, Exceptional Child Education for the Jefferson County Public School System

"You are one helluva interviewer! You almost made me look good. Thank you for a good time and opportunity for introspection. Let me know how I can help you in the future."

Dr. Wayne B. Tuckson, MD, FACS, FASCRS

Former President- Greater Louisville Medical Society

"Thank you for having me on. I really enjoyed that, and I learned a lot about myself in the process!"

Joe Heron

Co-Founder, Copper and Kings American Brandy Company

"A very sincere thanks for asking me to be involved with today's MoxieTalk. I had a great time this afternoon and have a tremendous amount of respect for what you're accomplishing through your program."

Dr. Tad D. Seifert

Director, Sports Neurology Program, Norton Healthcare

"Great time Friday! Loved the questions. You are a very good interviewer."

Fred Minnick

Wall Street Journal-Bestselling Author

"I couldn't be prouder to have been featured on your show. You are a gracious and kind host, a purveyor of legacy stories of the video kind."

Angela Burton

Founder/Chief Writing Motivator, Feet-to-the-Fire Writer’s Workshops

"You ask some very thought-provoking questions, and I love the vision of what you are doing. Thanks for having me on today, I'm honored to be a part of it!"

Angela Leet

Councilwoman, Metro Council District 7

"Yea God is good, & I still say one of my favorite interviews I have ever done!"

Summer Dickerson

Founder, Women of the Well Ministry

"This interview is awesome!!!"

William Kellibrew IV

International Advocate for Civil, Human, Women, Children, and Victims’ Rights

"Nice job!! Thank you Kirt! Sent from the Future 2042."

Nat Irvin II

Author, Innovator, Futurist, Teacher, Commentator & Founder of Thrivals at IdeaFestival

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Robbie Bartlett

Band Leader, The Robbie Bartlett Band

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Chef Peng S. Looi

Owner/Proprietor of Asiatique & August Moon Restaurants

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Delanor Manson

Owner, Manson & Associates, LLC. & Retired U.S. Naval Captain

"Wow!  This is so funny watching myself on video. You do an amazing job of being the host. Thank you for hearing & giving me & the other guests an opportunity to share their stories. I'm here if you ever need whiskey!"

Heather Howell

Director of Innovation, Brown-Forman Corporation

"Thank you for playing such an important role in my 2016. I look forward to living a full life in 2017."

Dr. Donald M. Vowels (1953-2017)

Psychotherapist, Spiritual Counselor & Cancer Survivor

"Kirt really captured the essence behind why I devoted my professional career to being the best restaurateur I could possibly be..."

John Varanese

Chef and Restaurateur, Varanese, River House, and Levee Restaurants

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David Nicholson

Circuit Court Clerk, Jefferson County, Kentucky

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Wayne Hettinger

Producer and Originator, Thunder Over Louisville

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Ed Hart

President & Partner, Kentucky Kingdom

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David A. Jones Sr. (1931-2019)

Co-Founder & Chairman Emeritus, Humana, Inc.

Kevin Kramer

Councilman District 11, Louisville Metro Council

Angie Fenton

THE BUZZ Columnist, The Courier-Journal

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Past President and CEO, Hogan Real Estate (1987-2016)

Deepak “D.T.” Tiwari

Indian-Born American Entrepreneur

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Francene (1964-2010)

Talk Show Host, 84 WHAS