Rudy Rucker is an American author and a mathematician who worked for twenty years as a Silicon Valley computer science professor.

Rudy Rucker

American Author & Mathematician

Interviewed: 09-27-2017

Jennifer Carter is the Assistant Director of the Craft Academy for Excellence in Science and Mathematics at Morehead State University and the Director of SpaceTrek, an all-girls camp dedicated to the empowerment of young women.

Jennifer Carter

Assistant Director of the Craft Academy for Excellence in Science and Mathematics at Morehead State University; Director of SpaceTrek-(Space Science Camp for Young Women)

Interviewed: 09-27-2017

Ken Ham

Speaker, Author, President, CEO, and Founder of Answers in Genesis

Interviewed: 09-26-2017

Nat Irvin, II has taught change management, leadership, future studies, and team dynamics since 2007.

Nat Irvin II

Author, Innovator, Futurist, Teacher, Commentator & Founder of Thrivals at IdeaFestival

Interviewed: 09-26-2017

Cole Gallagher is a NSCAA Scholar All American soccer player.

Cole Gallagher

2016 Kentucky High School Goalkeeper of the Year

Interviewed: 07-28-2017

Dr. Donna Hargens’ unwavering belief that every child can learn serves her as she leads the country’s 28th largest school system, with more than 101,000 students and nearly 17,000 teachers and staff.

Donna Hargens

Former Superintendent, Jefferson County Public Schools (JCPS)-(2011-2017)

Interviewed: 10-10-2014

Dr. James Calleroz White wakes up every morning excited about how education constantly changes to stay relevant to a student’s future.

Dr. James Calleroz White

Head of School, Louisville Collegiate School

Interviewed: 04-11-2014

Carol Haddad is driven by a desire to be a participant, not a spectator, in improving education for children.

Carol Haddad

Past Member, JCPS Board of Education (1986-2014)

Interviewed: 05-20-2011

Councilman Kevin Kramer’s compassion for people has led him to be a public servant and educator.

Kevin Kramer

Councilman District 11, Louisville Metro Council

Interviewed: 08-14-2009

Adventurer, educator and administrator Tori Muden McClure believes integrity is the hallmark of leadership.

Tori Murden McClure

World Class Rower & President, Spalding University (2010-present)

Interviewed: 07-24-2009

Louisville-native Scotty Davenport is enjoying a notable career as a basketball coach in his own hometown.

Coach “Scotty” Davenport

Head Coach, Bellarmine University Men’s Basketball Team (2005-)

Interviewed: 07-24-2009

Driven by the desire to make a contribution to his community, Louisville-native Tom Owen serves as councilman for Metro Council District 8 in his hometown.

Tom Owen

Past Louisville Metro Councilman (2002-2017) & University of Louisville Archivist

Interviewed: 10-17-2008

Dr. Jo Ann Rooney is an American educator, lawyer, businesswoman and public servant driven by seeing the achievements of students and the impact education has on their lives and their families.

Dr. Jo Ann Rooney

Past President, Spalding University (2002-2010)

Interviewed: 09-26-2008

Dr. Kevin Cosby is driven to see people grow and see their mind, life, and relationships transformed.

Dr. James Ramsey has a passion for public service and a vision for education and economic growth in Kentucky.

Rowan Claypool is a social entrepreneur who believes that young knowledge economy workers are the future to prosperous communities.

Rowan Claypool

Founder, “Bulldogs in the Bluegrass”

Interviewed: 09-27-2006