Donald M. Vowels is a psychotherapist and spiritual counselor with Body, Mind, Spirit Health and Wellness in Louisville. He has an extensive resume in psychotherapy, theology and social work.

Dr. Donald M. Vowels (1953-2017)

Psychotherapist, Spiritual Counselor

Interviewed: 04-01-2016

Terry Taylor’s drive to bring peace to communities, through understanding each other’s differences, powers his work.

Terry Taylor

Executive Director (Retired), Interfaith Paths to Peace (IPP)

Interviewed: 03-06-2015

Archbishop Joseph E. Kurtz experienced the calling and desire to serve others through the clergy while in high school.

Archbishop Joseph E. Kurtz

Catholic Archdiocese of Louisville

Interviewed: 10-11-2013

Pastor Joe Phelps feels a call to embody God’s justice and love in the world.

Joe Phelps

Pastor, Highland Baptist Church

Interviewed: 12-19-2012

Dave Stone’s passion for excellence and sharing his faith with others drives him in his role as senior minister at Southeast Christian Church.

Dave Stone

Senior Minister, Southeast Christian Church

Interviewed: 10-17-2008

Dr. Kevin Cosby is driven to see people grow and see their mind, life, and relationships transformed.

At age 22, Bob Russell became the pastor of a small congregation of 120 people called Southeast Christian Church.

Bob Russell

Former Reverend, Southeast Christian Church (1966-2006)

Interviewed: 01-20-2006