As Gallery Education Manager at the Speed Art Museum, oversees educational initiatives & programs related to the museum & is husband to Celebrity Chef Damaris Phillips

Darrick Wood

Gallery Education Mgr. at the Speed Art Museum

Interviewed: 05-06-2023

Soozie is an American filmmaker/producer, & has been involved in various documentary & narrative filmmaking projects, having produced & directed Overload: America's Toxic Love Story, By the Wayside & Meant to Be.

Soozie Eastman

American Filmmaker & Producer

Interviewed: 05-06-2023

Brazilian artist, painter, serigrapher, & sculptor. His work combines elements of cubism, pop art, & graffiti painting, using vibrant colors & bold patterns as a visual expression of hope, dreams, & happiness. Britto is considered the most collected & licensed artist in history.

Romero Britto

Brazillian Artist, Painter, Serigrapher, & Sculptor

Interviewed: 05-06-2023

Since learning how to draw at the age of 2, Ms. Baker dreamt of becoming an artist. Endowed with a strong work ethic & the support of her parents, she continued to practice art until enrolling in college & graduated Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1964 from Baylor University.

Jill Baker

A Visual Artist & Writer & Owner of Jill Baker’s Artist’s Studio

Interviewed: 12-13-2019

A Louisiana based artist with an addiction to create.

Butch Von Dreaux

Artist/Owner Gallery X-Louder Than Life

Interviewed: 09-29-2019

Braylyn Stewart, who creates under the artist name Resko, is a mural artist, tattoo artist & conceptual artist living & working in Louisville.

Braylyn Resko Stewart

Tattoo and Mural Artist- Louder Than Life

Interviewed: 09-27-2019

Robert is motivated by the form that a dancer gains from training in the traditions of classical ballet, where respect & discipline can facilitate breathtaking strength & freedom.

Robert Curran

Past Artistic Director of the Louisville Ballet

Interviewed: 08-30-2019

She collects, curates exhibitions, writes, lectures, & appraises fine quilts. Zegart has curated many exhibits in the U.S. & abroad, & lectures on all aspects of quilt history & aesthetics.

As ONE OF THE MOST ACCOMPLISHED & YOUNGEST GUESTS we have ever featured, hear how Teddy became a widely acclaimed conductor, as well as an established pianist, clarinetist, & composer.

Teddy Abrams

Music Director-Louisville Orchestra

Interviewed: 12-07-2018

Learn the underpinnings of why Kirt walked away from a commercial real estate career, and is now solely focused on finding the humanity behind some of today’s most inspiring individuals.

Learn how Cynthia overcame crushing grief & how a Motown co-founder inspired the creation of Solid Light.

Cynthia Torp

President/Owner, Solid Light, Inc. (A 100% Woman-Owned Business)

Interviewed: 11-05-2017

Wendy Whelan spent 30 years with New York City Ballet, 23 of those years as principal dancer.

Wendy Whelan

Principal Dancer, New York City Ballet

Interviewed: 09-26-2017

Acting is a calling for Ryan Burch.

Ryan Burch (Saviano)

Actor and Student at the London Academy of Music & Dramatic Art

Interviewed: 08-27-2017

Ian Derrer leads the Kentucky Opera, fueled by a lifelong love of opera.

Ian Derrer

former-General Director, Kentucky Opera

Interviewed: 12-02-2016

Conrad Bachmann’s career spans four decades and hundreds of roles.

Conrad Bachmann

Founder, Louisville International Festival of Films, and Hollywood Actor

Interviewed: 10-14-2016

Mitzi Friedlander has spent much of her career bringing stories to life for the blind. After 50 years of recording books, Friedlander holds the record for most talking book titles narrated for the National Library Service.

Tyrone Cotton’s love of music and desire to create fuels his music and the songs he writes.

Tyrone Cotton

Singer, Songwriter and Musician, Tyrone Cotton Band

Interviewed: 04-17-2015

Christen Boone is a community connector, social entrepreneur, and leader in nonprofit development and strategic philanthropy.

Christen Boone

Former President and CEO, Fund for the Arts (2014-2021)

Interviewed: 10-10-2014

Theatre director Les Waters’ interest in contemporary art and new plays drives him in his career.

Les Waters

Artistic Director of Actors Theatre of Louisville (“ATL”)

Interviewed: 10-11-2013

Pat Gallagher creates visual art based on the connection he feels when talking with people.

Pat Gallagher

Internationally Renowned Visual Artist

Interviewed: 12-02-2011

Inspired by creativity, Bruce Simpson credits the joy of life for what drives him and fuels his career in ballet.

Bruce Simpson

Past Artistic Director of Louisville Ballet (2002-2014)

Interviewed: 05-20-2011

A passion for the arts and to make things better by introducing new generations to the art drives Stephen Klein in his career.

Stephen Klein

Former President of The Kentucky Center for the Arts (2005-2013)

Interviewed: 03-25-2011

Connecting people and telling stories fuel Marc Masterson as the artistic director of Actors Theatre of Louisville (ATL).

Marc Masterson

Past Artistic Director, Actors Theatre of Louisville (2000-2011)

Interviewed: 12-05-2008

Driven by the need for, and impact of, arts education on young people, Paul Lenzi and his wife, Geraldine, co-founded the Blue Apple Players Theatre Group a children’s theatre company.

Paul Lenzi

Past Executive Director, Blue Apple Players (1976-2015)

Interviewed: 12-05-2008

Bill McNulty is an actor and director who has performed internationally, and enjoys a grounded life with a love for his work and his family.

William “Bill” McNulty

Resident Actor & Director, Actors Theatre of Louisville

Interviewed: 09-26-2008

Ed Hamilton has always been driven by a need to create and discover something new.

Ed Hamilton

Internationally Renowned American Monument Sculptor

Interviewed: 05-30-2008

Jennifer Bielstein loves the art form and experience of live theatre and believes that it can change people’s lives.

Jennifer Bielstein

Former Managing Director of Actors Theatre of Louisville (2006-2016)

Interviewed: 12-05-2007

Allan Cowen takes the long view of life and believes that life is as great as you choose it to be.

Allan Cowen

Past President & CEO, Fund for the Arts ((1976-2011)

Interviewed: 12-06-2006

Barbara Sexton Smith’s personal mission is to leave the earth better than she found it.

Barbara Sexton Smith

Louisville Metro Deputy Mayor & Frmr. VP, Fund for the Arts

Interviewed: 01-20-2006