When she became Louisville Metro Police Dept. chief, she became the 1st PERMANENT female African-American police chief in KY. history!

Chief Jackie Gwinn-Villaroel

Police Chief of Louisville Metro Police Deptartment

Interviewed: 02-23-2024

Morgan McGarvey has dedicated his life to public service to make a difference for others, by becoming U.S. House of Representatives, for Kentucky's 3rd Dist.

Morgan McGarvey

U.S. House of Representatives, Kentucky 3rd District

Interviewed: 05-06-2023

MG Lamberton's time in the KY. Ntnl. Guard culminated in being appointed the 53rd Adjutant General of the Commonwealth of KY. by Gov. Andrew Beshear-on Dec. 10, 2019.

MG Haldane B. Lamberton

The Adjutant General Kentucky National Guard

Interviewed: 01-20-2023

Taylor believes life has presented him with challenges many Louisvillians face daily, which uniquely qualifies him to relate to their concerns & motivates him to fix them.

Taylor Everett

Independent Louisville Metro Mayoral Candidate

Interviewed: 08-22-2022

Considered an expert in human behavior & org. dynamics, his vision is as a result of reading his books, attending his keynotes/workshops; participants are moved to achieve higher levels of performance & their organizations better places to work!

Greg Coker

Author/Speaker & Leadership Development Consultant

Interviewed: 10-15-2021

Since the age of 11, Alex has been leading a bipartisan effort in the Kentucky legislature to end the use of corporal punishment in schools. Alex's MoxieTalk was conducted @ the age of 15, making Alex BY FAR, the youngest guest ever featured on MoxieTalk with Kirt Jacobs.

As a lifelong cattle producer, she and her husband have used technology and data for production improvement and increased profitability since the late 1980s.

Deborah Wilson

Senior Vice President-TrustBix, Inc.

Interviewed: 05-20-2019

Conrad worked his way through the ranks, rising to Asst. Chief in the LPD & later an Asst. Chief in the newly merged Louisville Metro Police Dept. (LMPD). As a Lieutenant Colonel with the LMPD, Conrad was Commander of the Administrative Bureau. Chief Conrad left the LMPD in 2005 to become Chief of the Glendale (AZ) Police Dept.

Chief Steve Conrad

Former Louisville Metro Chief of Police (2012-2020)

Interviewed: 05-01-2019

Under Barker, TARC was designated as the nation’s Urban System of the Yr by the Community Transportation Association of America.

Ferdinand serves as the Executive Director for (TARC), the largest public transit agency in the Commonwealth of KY. Carrying 15 million annual passengers & is responsible for the ldrshp. & direction for all operations in the system.

Learn the underpinnings of why Kirt walked away from a commercial real estate career, and is now solely focused on finding the humanity behind some of today’s most inspiring individuals.

Barbara Sexton Smith’s personal mission is to leave the earth better than she found it.

Barbara Sexton Smith

Louisville Metro Deputy Mayor & Frmr. VP, Fund for the Arts

Interviewed: 01-20-2006