As a lifelong cattle producer, she and her husband have used technology and data for production improvement and increased profitability since the late 1980s.

Deborah Wilson

Senior Vice President-TrustBix, Inc.

Interviewed: 05-20-2019

Conrad worked his way through the ranks, rising to Asst. Chief in the LPD & later an Asst. Chief in the newly merged Louisville Metro Police Dept. (LMPD). As a Lieutenant Colonel with the LMPD, Conrad was Commander of the Administrative Bureau. Chief Conrad left the LMPD in 2005 to become Chief of the Glendale (AZ) Police Dept.

Chief Steve Conrad

Louisville Metro Chief of Police

Interviewed: 05-01-2019

Under Barker, TARC was designated as the nation’s Urban System of the Yr by the Community Transportation Association of America.

Ferdinand serves as the Executive Director for (TARC), the largest public transit agency in the Commonwealth of KY. Carrying 15 million annual passengers & is responsible for the ldrshp. & direction for all operations in the system.

Ferdinand L. Risco, Jr.

Executive Director-(TARC)-The Transit Authority of River City

Interviewed: 03-10-2019