At the end of 2015, I made a new year’s resolution to retool my long-running leadership TV program. However-the essence of it’s format that audiences had grown to love would not change.

Therefore, I set out to procure a team of individuals to rename the show and re-brand its image. In March of 2016-they gave me a word-that was transcendent when I first heard it. The word was MOXIE. An actual word in Webster’s dictionary as seen here: MOXIE was an EXTREMELY popular word back in the early 20th century and today is widely known for MOXIE soda-predominantly available in the Northeastern United States.

Yet-when I first heard the word-I was on a family vacation to Disneyworld in Orlando, FL. I stopped dead in my tracks and grew numb-the team had nailed it-the word was priceless! It surmised an encompassed every single one of my previous guests on the program.

Upon my return home to Louisville, I began to float the word in social settings to see how it would be received. I quickly learned that the older the recipient of the word-the more they instantly liked it. The younger they were-meaning under 25-the less they had ever heard of it or associated it with something far different such as: lip-gloss. Frankly-they didn’t like it much! I then began to ask myself and the team-had we really found the right name? After a brief discussion-we choose to stick by it and we are now very glad we did-because you see-something very strange started to happen over the course of the Spring & Summer of 2016-myself and other team members began to see this word cropping up in everyday life…such as in TV commercials-movies & even NBA Sporting events! Who knew?

There is actually a phenomenon known as the Baader-Meinhof Complex phenomenon-don’t believe me…check this out:

You see we really are onto something here-and we see great things and opportunities with this naming choice…

Stay tuned as we resurrect a long-ago popular word in the English lexicon!

Kirt Jacobs
Creator & Host

Brand Partners