In the new episode, host Kirt Jacobs fosters a conversation with Austin and discusses her life and activism. Austin is the Whitney/Strong foundation co-founder, a non-profit organization advocating for non-partisan gun control efforts and seeking to educate the public about gun violence.

Jacobs has released this new episode as an extension of his ongoing efforts to bring new and exciting perspectives on contemporary issues. Throughout the episode, he explores Austin’s unique story of survival and perseverance as he seeks to inspire others to follow their passions and change the world.

Podcasting is quickly becoming one of the US’s most popular formats for consuming news and other stories, making it an effective platform for distributing messages of all kinds. Some studies have shown that nearly 130 million people are regular podcast listeners, which rivals traditional radio.

Jacobs has chosen to capitalize on the popularity of podcasts by creating MoxieTalk, a platform he uses to spread positivity and inspiration. His program is available on many streaming services, including Spotify, TuneIn, Stitcher, Audible, Amazon Music, etc.

Whitney Austin is the ideal guest for Jacob’s show, given her history of overcoming adversity to inspire others and her devotion to education and activism. A survivor of gun violence herself, she has established initiatives in Kentucky and Ohio, focusing on finding fact-based, scientific approaches to reducing gun crime. For more on the Whitney/Strong foundation, visit

Austin is just one of the many inspirational figures Jacobs has spoken to throughout the show’s 375+ episode run. In addition, he has interviewed everyone from politicians to artists and many more. His new show, “Off the Cuff,” allows fans to get more of Jacobs’ unfiltered thoughts on various topics and is now available.

After appearing on the show, one guest said, “Kirt is a master at weaving together personal and professional questions in a seamless flow of relaxed conversation that truly reflected who I was and how I got there. I would encourage anyone with a story to share to join him for a conversation.”

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