As a young professional under age 40 living in the new Louisville Metro, I recently posed a question to myself: “Is Louisville’s next generation of leadership stepping up or idly waiting on the sidelines to answer the call to lead the 16th largest city in America?”

I then realized much sooner than later what once was a vision of a prior generation would all too fast fade to legacies and footnotes in Louisville’s history.

I then turned again to my generation and asked: “Are we ready to live up to this call?”

As a Young Professionals Association of Louisville board member and a recent charter graduate of the Ignite Louisville leadership program, I could name a few.

But, more important, and somewhat sadly, I couldn’t name on one hand a group of solid individuals under 40 who are ready and able to assume the mantle of leadership so vitally necessary to steer Louisville on a chartered course into the new millennium.

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